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What Should You Look For Before Buying A Tent?

The tent is an important part of the luggage: it will be our home when we are traveling, our refuge when the weather turns ugly, and where we go to sleep after days that are not always easy. For this and much more, buying a good tent before going out on the road is a key decision.

  1. Type Of Use To Be Given

You have to be honest with yourself. Before deciding on a tent like 20×20 frame tent amongst others, you have to think in what circumstances you will use it. The type of use that we will give it is key, first and foremost, to establish a budget and then consider the rest of the factors. If you plan to put it to good use, do not skimp on the purchase. Better to spend upfront and not go around complaining about poor quality products.

  1. Size – Weight

Although they are two different variables, they are closely related. You have to get used to the idea that every extra gram that the carp weighs will be an extra gram on the back, which after long walks, believe me, is multiplied by a thousand. It is expected that if one is not used to camping, seeing a small, armed tent can give signs of claustrophobia. But do not forget something important: the tent will be a place to sleep, not spend the day. We do not need to enter standing still, and there does not have to be space inside to have a party. As long as those who are going to spend the night there are comfortable.

The ideal weight of a disassembled tent (poles, roof cover, and cover included) should not exceed 2 kg. As for the size, it has to be practical to carry, and therefore, to tie to the backpack. The more “bodoque,” the better. Tents that are dismantled are thin, and long umbrella-like is a problem to load.

  1. Make It Easy To Put Together

It is essential that they can set up the tent in less than two or three minutes. Tents with complicated or irreplaceable rods (the kind you never know where they go) are a problem when you have to do things quickly due to bad weather or low light. They have to be able to assemble and disassemble it quickly and without help.

  1. Rods

The rods are the posts that support and give structure to the tent, so they are the fundamental part (and what breaks the fastest). There are two types of rods on the market: fiberglass rods and aluminum rods.

The rods fiberglass is the most economical and most abundant in the market. Although the advantage is the price, the disadvantage is that fiberglass rods break very easily, especially in very cold climates; they tend to wear out with use and time and are difficult (if not impossible) to use. Fix. The good thing is that being cheap, if they are the only option, you can take spare parts.

The aluminum rods are more expensive and a little heavier but are more resilient and flexible. If you plan to travel in areas with high thermal amplitude, wind, or expect to give your tent intensive use, this has to be the option.

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