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What is Bulletproof Armored Clothing?

Although technically any ballistic vest is bulletproof armored clothing, this term specifically refers to clothes that seem like something you would wear casually but that have ballistic panels installed inside.

There are three aspects that make a good piece of armored clothing:

  1. Wide protection area
  2. Light
  3. Comfortable

Because these items need to be flexible and comfortable, they are made from soft ballistic panels weaved inside the soft fabric. This means that such armor will protect from any type of handgun ammo, but not from rifles.

But, unlike most other types of armor, it can be worn anywhere. This means that if your job requires you to stay casual and inconspicuous, but still need protection, this will be an ideal choice.

Also, such armor is probably the most useful in warmer weather. Bulking up with under-armor, covert vest, and then clothes to mask it will rack up heat fairly quickly. But, with something like the AH™ Armored Hoodie, you can just wear a tee under the hoodie and you will be both protected and covert.

Finally, there are also covert armored t-shirts that might not have as much coverage as the larger models but can be worn without any other type of clothing.

Wearing nothing underneath and no vest for structure means that a bullet to the chest will kick like a mule. But, that is still preferable to a box.

Casual Defense-Wear

Even though it is perfectly legal for law-abiding citizens to buy and wear body armor almost anywhere in the US, social views on defensive wear and open carry will vary.  Some places, especially big cities, will frown upon someone going around in a plate carrier.

But, with armored clothing, this isn’t an issue. Combined with a good CC, you can stay armed and protected with UARM without anyone raising an eyebrow. And the comfort of these items means that you can wear them every day.

Additionally, they can be a good choice for employees working in semi-dangerous businesses like 27/7 small markets, liquor stores, and gas stations. Company policy here will prevent you from wearing regular body armor.

In such places, you can wear something like the CAT™ Covert Armored T-Shirt beneath your uniform and nobody will even notice.

Bulletproof Armored Clothing for Covert Missions

Finally, because bulletproof armored clothing can go all the way up to NIJ Level IIIA+, protecting even from .44 Magnum rounds, they can have a professional purpose as well as civilian ones.

For those protecting people, venues, and similar points of interest where they don’t want to stand out it is a great option either alone or in combination with other clothes.

A simple armored tee is a perfect choice for those working doors in nightclubs but don’t want to portray the business as a dangerous place. It can be worn both under a jacket or alone, installing the sense of safety to both the patrons and to yourself.

But, if something happens, you are protected, and even if you get hit you will get up to tell the tale.

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