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Tired of Shopping? Grab a Bite at One of Dragon Mart’s Restaurants

If you’re going to shop from the largest Chinese market and tradehub, then your trip won’t be short. Instead, it might take you hours of shopping, and that’s if you’ve already found everything you need. At the end of the day, it’ll be worth it, but you might get hungry during your shopping. Therefore, if you’re tired of shopping, you must grab a bite at one of Dragon Mart’s Restaurants.

Banana Leaf Restaurant

If you’re looking for Indian and Asian food, you can give Banana Leaf Restaurant a try. Prepared with caution to take you on a trip all the way to India with its spicy flavor. Not only is there top-notch service,but the prices are affordable as well.

China Way Restaurant

Craving Chinese? Then get ready to be blown away at this Dragon Mart restaurant, China Way. Beef or chicken with fried rice, mixed fried noodles, or anything else you can think of, you can just order it here. While it’s a small restaurant, it has a quick service with food that will exceed your expectations. Try it once, and you’ll keep coming back.

Kababak Restaurant

Get a taste of authentic Iranian food at Kababak Restaurant in Dragon Mart. Everything is perfect, from customer service to the food, and there’s nothing more you can ask for. Some call it one of the best restaurants for Iranian food in Dubai. Decide for yourself by trying it next time.

Tropical Snow

This is not another Dragon Mart restaurant, but if you’re not hungry while in the mood for something fresh, you can always grab a juice from Tropical Snow. Pick a flavor, and you’ll find it right there on their menu. It’s a combination of sweet and refreshing that will keep you going while you shop.

Sun Tour Restaurant

Are you ready to be transferred to China? With just one bite from Sun Tour Restaurant dishes, you’ll be there in no time. The service is faster than usual, the food is great, and the prices are affordable. So, what more are you looking for?

If you’re craving Chinese, Sun Tour restaurant should be your go-to place.

The Mahal Restaurant

Take a food break and grab a meal from The Mahal restaurant. If you haven’t tried Turkish cuisine yet, then you should definitely go there. It’s one of the most recommended restaurants in Dubai, thanks to its great food, great service, and cozy ambiance. Try it, you’ll add it to ‘the best dining in Dubai’ list.

Al Farooj

You can’t go wrong with chicken shawarma, and that’s why if you’re in the mood for one, you can always grab your shawarma from Al Farooj. There’s no need to be hungry to try it; the portions are small but for a reasonable price. Don’t hesitate to try it yourself to decide, it’s in the Dragon Mart’s food court.

Of course, if you don’t want to try something new, you can always grab a bite at one of the fast-food restaurants available at the mall. You’ll never have to miss a meal when shopping because everything you need and more can be found at Dragon Mart.

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