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Styling an Emerald Necklace, the Right Way: A Guide for Wearing it Right

Whether you are a saree lover or wish to don the corporate look with a sassy suit, emeralds can be used to style diverse looks. Here are some tricks to cast a winning impression on everyone by donning an emerald necklace.

Turn every person in the room green with envy with your scintillating emerald jewellery. Also known as the ‘Stone for True Love’, this bright green gemstone is a prized piece to own. Emerald necklaces are trending these days, and rightly so as they are a versatile piece of jewellery. The deep green colour adds to their mystique and makes them rule over all other gemstones. Whether it is an indo-western outfit or a contemporary lehenga set, you can enhance a variety of look with emerald jewellery.

Style Tips 101

Styling a necklace with emeralds is not too difficult. You just need to remember the fundamentals- its green colour is what sets it apart. Hence, to bring the focus on the majestic necklace, you need to couple it with a complementing outfit. Here are a few ideas you can play with.

Collared Blouse & Brocade Skirt: A cocktail of ethnic and contemporary, a plain silk blouse and a knee-length brocade pleated skirt is beyond doubt a ‘diva’ look. Accessorizing it with simple oval emeralds drawn in a string will do the job. Strut in high heels with your hair thrown in a messy bun and turn heads wherever you go.

  • Turtlenecks – Back with a Twist: Sheer fabrics make turtlenecks far from boring. Pair it up with skinny-fit jeans and put on those long boots. Now all you need to amplify your outfit is an emerald and gold plated string necklace, something like a lariat. Simple strings with multiple layers won’t suffice to create a chic look. Lariats look every bit classy without being too traditional.
  • Avoid Prints: Imagine wearing beautiful emerald strings with a heavily printed and embroidered top. The design of the dress itself would overpower the sensuous green colour of the emeralds in the necklace. Therefore, one essential tip when wearing emerald necklaces is to pair them with a solid colour that enhances the necklace subtly.
  • Low Neckline Gown: Skip the traditional Polki choker look. Instead, go for a contemporary emerald necklace with silver chains to create a refreshing look. Polki emerald choker sets are the trends of the past. Bring in your A-game with multiple emerald silver chains necklace. Keep the ears and wrists accessory-free and let the necklace enjoy all the attention.
  • Layers, Layers, and More Layers: Mix and match small multiple emerald strings with large emerald beads to create a funky look. Select the clothes of a neutral palette to avoid a clash of colours. An interesting way to layer clothes is a sheer turtleneck, with a matching ‘busy’ suit on top, and an overcoat, thrown over the shoulder oh-so-casually. Add the deep green gemstones in the mix and create a style statement worthy of every glance.

Quality of Emeralds Matters

While we talk about an emerald necklace, we should also focus on the quality of the gemstones. The precious Beryl member has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale. You can wear emeralds daily without having to worry about scratching the surface. But the toughness of emeralds is an altogether different story.

Emeralds tend to come with a lot of inclusions, making them easy to break while cutting and polishing. It is the strings of emeralds that remain an all-time favourite.

Strings are also favourable because they have round or oval beads that are less prone to cracks caused by inclusions. Hence, priority should be given to the quality of the gemstones rather than going for a designer piece. Designs tend to change with the fashion trends, but strings are an all-time classic, never going out of fashion.

Pair It Right

Pairing emeralds the right way is the key to creating a fantastic look. But, you cannot wear emeralds with just anything and everything. Hence, one needs to have a good sense of aesthetics and style. A little help or a styling guide for an emerald necklace can ensure you make the most out of this stunning jewellery.

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