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How you should Buy Native Plants

A question that many people who raise plants for a living often ask is whether to buy native plants or grow them yourself. The truth is that there are many advantages to purchasing an indigenous plant versus growing it yourself. The most obvious advantage is that you know the plant has come from its natural habitat and not from a lab. This also means that you have more control over what goes into the plant as well as the quality of the product, since you grew it yourself.

A second advantage to purchasing an indigenous plant from Wildtree is that you can sometimes get better products than you can get at a local nursery or gardening store. For example, some plants have been bred to be more hearty and/or drought tolerant. If you are able to grow a plant that was bred for this, it will be able to withstand the different climates and conditions of your region.

A local plant nursery will rarely have a cross pollination program, which means that many exotic plants that are desirable for the urban gardener may not be found in your area. However, if you visit an exotic nursery, you can see examples of the types of plants that they have grown and, because you’ve grown them yourself, you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are right for you.

Some people are leery of buying plants online, worried that they have not been properly grown or are contaminated. However, many reputable online nurseries take an extensive amount of care in the growth and packaging of their merchandise. In fact, most reputable plant nurseries use high-tech machinery to ensure that their products are well-grown and pure. Many online nurseries offer a complete indoor plant growing service, which means that you can purchase a plant and have it delivered ready to plant.

A third advantage to buying from a reputable plant nursery is that you can get expert advice. In addition to reading up on the plant(s) you are interested in, visit the website and speak to a representative. You may be able to get answers to questions about the variety, growing conditions, and pest problems specific to that type of plant. Even if you do not purchase your plant from the online nursery, many knowledgeable experts will be happy to offer advice to help you achieve success with your gardening project.

Finally, many experienced native plants enthusiasts will be happy to assist you in choosing what type of plants to purchase and how to care for them. They can offer information about where to get your plants, advice on how to care for them, and can even help you decide what plant family (or combination) to grow. With so much knowledge at your fingertips, the task of choosing the right plants becomes easier. You can also rest assured knowing that your chosen species will thrive in your region.

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