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How to pick out the best and trendiest summer coat?


Even though summer coat sounds like an oxymoron, we all need to have at least one lightweight coat or jacket that can keep us warm on a breeze evening or a cooler summer day. It’s even wiser to have a few – it gives you the option to style many different looks for when the weather isn’t the most suitable for fashion statements. There are many different types of summer coats varying in their material, fit and style, but let’s look at the things that are in fashion right now to help you make to be your best choice!

First of all – breathability, and good quality materials

Because you will be wearing your summer coat when it is still relatively warm, you will not want to be stuck with something heavy and synthetic. The best summer coat for women you can choose today will be lightweight and breathable. Linen is one of the best materials when it comes to summer, and it remains true for summer jackets and coats as well. Longer models will keep you warm on the windier day, but you won’t be in danger of overheating.

When choosing your coat, make sure you study the care guide too, and pick a high-quality production, to make a purchase that will last you more than one season.

Eco-friendliness and other perks

Staying on the topic of quality, eco-friendly and sustainable production has been slowly, but surely taking over the world of fashion. You can find numerous garments, including lovely long summer coats which are made by implementing the latest technologies which conserve resources and use recycled materials. These qualities will probably make the garment slightly more expensive, but if you consider your eco footprint, it’s definitely worth it. Eco-friendly and consciously produced summer coats from natural materials should definitely be in your shortlist and wish list!

Choose a neutral colour

In general, most women will prefer a black, beige, grey, dark blue or neutral-coloured coat. However, while it’s definitely a safer choice for a capsule or everyday styling, it’s also elegant in its own right. Neutral tones won’t overcrowd your look whilst leaving enough room for accessories and exuberant footwear, if you want to. If you, however, are determined to go with bright colours which go with your wardrobe, consider going for a pink summer coat which will go perfectly with other summer colours, like blue and white.

Make sure the new summer coat fits with the rest of the clothes in your capsule wardrobe

Since the summer coat is usually looked at as an addition to your capsule wardrobe, you should consider whether the item you’re looking at goes well with the clothes that are already in the capsule. Luckily, most longer coats can be worn with almost every type of footwear and clothes.  Shorter jackets make it easy to create both casual and formal looks too. Remember, that it’s all about harmony and blend of shapes, colours and lines within your capsule, so be sure that the coat blends in nicely.

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