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Another meaning of engagement is involved. The act of being engaged is engagement.  When you will be celebrating the bond that you have made with your partner by exchanging the ring with each other that occasion will be called engagement. This moment will be very special for you in your life. So, the sign of being engaged should be very bright and memorable. That is why you should be careful when you will be going to buy an engagement ring to start your colorful future. At first, you have to keep in your mind that what types of ring do you prefer. There are several types of rings you can get in the market like gold, diamond, and platinum.


  • There are different styles of engagement rings in the market. But you have to choose what style will suit you. The styles of rings are the following:
  • Classic Solitaire ring, this is a normal solitaire diamond ring and, its only feature is that it consists of a single diamond. This style comes from ancient Roman times. It is also the symbol of deep passionate love.
  • Halo ring, in this type of ring a gemstone is situated in the center of the ring and, surrounded by the other micro-pave diamonds.
  • Weeding ring set, the form of this ring gives a beautiful example of a relation. When the two rings become one then this ring looks stunning like a relation between you and your spouse.
  • Side stone style, the settings of this ring is unique and makes it sensational.
  • Three stone engagement rings, this type of ring consists of three beautiful diamonds and it symbolizes the three-part of your life that you have created past, present, and future.
  • Princess cut engagement rings, you can see the rectangular or square shape in this ring from above but from the side, it looks like an inverted pyramid with four tilted sides.
  • Cushion cut engagement rings, this ring consists of a square cut with round corner shape. It looks like a pillow.


If you are still wondering “how to choose an engagement ring” then you must know the type before that. The most important thing that you always have to keep on your mind when buying an engagement ring is what types of rings will suit your hand.

  1. If your hand is small then it will be best for you if you wear an oval-shaped ring in which the proportion of the diamond will be less. You should avoid heavy and, overly elaborate rings. So, choose a small stone-like heart shape, round or princess diamond ring.
  2. If you are having chubby figures then you should try an oval and pear-shaped ring. This type of ring suits fat fingers.
  3. If your fingers are thin then you should buy a ring which has a wide band and small stone. It will make your fingers look so beautiful.


Tips are the following:

  • There are so many engagement rings made from silver, platinum, yellow gold and, rose gold. So, you have to decide which metal you want to buy.
  • After deciding the metal then decide which shape of the ring you want to buy. Obviously, before deciding the shape you should be aware of which shape of the ring will suit you.
  • Now the most important thing is the size. The exact measurement of fingers that you should keep in your mind when buying an engagement ring. Because of size matters. Because without knowing the finger size of your spouse how will you go to exchange your ring?
  • Be knowledgeable about the carat size of the ring. If you choose less size of the ring then you can save some of your money.
  • When you will be going to buy a ring for your engagement it will be the most expensive purchase of your life. So just keep in mind that you always buy a certified stone for your engagement ring from an accredited laboratory.
  • Last but not least always give the importance of the quality of the ring. The quality of your ring should be very good. So, keep this in your mind when buying your engagement ring.


Buying an engagement ring is the most important thing in your life. Engagement will be that moment of your life when the promises, the everlasting bond, and the evergreen relation will be made by you with your spouse. So, when you are going to fulfill one of your dreams in your life you should be very careful when buying an engagement ring.

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