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Buying Chocolate Depositors: What to Keep in Mind

These days, there is a wide range of equipment available that can be used to make chocolate and other confectionery products. One of the most important machines that manufacturers invest in is a chocolate depositor machine. Commercial manufacturing and large-scale production have specific machine requirements and a chocolate depositor has very specific uses.

Keep reading to learn more about this machine:

Uses of a Chocolate Depositor Machine

Chocolate depositors are mainly used for making decorated products with chocolate on the top or outer layer. They are used to deposit chocolate on cooling belts or discharge fillings for some products. In some operations, they are used to pour chocolates into moulds. Products such as chocolate chips, pralines, and drops can be made using these machines. A lot of manufacturers depend on them to maintain the chocolate’s temperature to meet some production needs.

Features to Keep in Mind when Purchasing a Chocolate Depositor

There are a lot of chocolate depositors on the market that can be customised to meet specific production demands. When shopping for these machines, you must know the features to look for including the following:

  • Accuracy and precision. A good chocolate depositor that has these features will have improved speed and time performing its function. Most of these machines are available with a single-piston depositing system to accurately deposit small volumes.
  • Flexibility. Find a chocolate depositor with mass channels in nozzle plate arrangements for different applications to benefit from maximum range viscosities. The machine can cover products such as smooth chocolate masses and fluid liquor fillings.
  • A reliable chocolate depositor has a fully automatic system with a PLC touch panel. With this feature, it becomes easy to control its parameters. Also, it saves the optimum basic settings in the recipe memory.
  • Choose a machine that has a compact design that allows you to integrate into your production systems, saving space in your factory.
  • Extra perks. Today, reputable suppliers of these machines have improved customisation levels in their products to provide extra perks. Although some depositing machines can allow for aerated masses and fat filings, others may provide speedy production of filled and solid chocolates or stencil depositing.

A chocolate depositor can increase the number of products you can make every day. The machine that has the latest automated abilities requires very minimal human intervention, saving you money on labor. But, not all chocolate depositors are the same, so you must choose the perfect one that meets your specification and production demands.

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