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4 Diamond Butterfly Bracelet Design We are in Love With

Butterflies are enchanting creatures. Their graceful movements, vibrant colors, and mystical aura have inspired art, sculpture, and even diamond jewelry designs. They represent strength, metamorphosis, rebirth, and ascension; precisely why Mariah Carey wears it on her finger.

The music icon, who celebrated 30 years in the industry in 2020, not only made an album called “Butterfly” in the 90s but also got unique custom-made butterfly rings made in white gold after her divorce. For her, it was symbolic of breaking out of a dark cocoon and moving towards hope and revival of the spirit.

Adorned in diamonds, gemstones, and intricate designs, the exquisite butterfly rests spectacularly on some of the most beautiful diamond bracelets. Here are 4 of our favorite jewelry designs online.

1. Diamond Butterfly Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Do you want to gift a diamond butterfly bracelet to someone special but are unsure of their wrist size? Simply gift a bolo slider bracelet. The bolo slider ties make the bracelet easily adjustable to any wrist size. Apart from practicality, this is also a delicate design including a sterling silver lace winged butterfly, with sparkling round-shaped diamonds in the center. Representing transformation and new beginnings, this could be an ideal gift for a 13th birthday or for anyone starting a new chapter in their life. Looks too beautiful to be given away? Gift this unique piece to yourself instead.

2. Sterling Silver Natural White Diamond Accent Butterfly Bracelet

Ideal for someone looking for a minimalistic design, this butterfly diamond bracelet consists of round natural white accent diamonds in a pave setting. A beautiful sterling silver bracelet complements the design. The prong setting lends the piece a brilliant sparkle. Wear it as a standalone piece, or pair it with a sterling silver dancing diamond butterfly necklace to complete the look.

3. Diamond Butterfly Charms Bracelet

If you like diamond jewelry that evokes emotions, a diamond butterfly charm could be a great way to create a customized bracelet. Being a deep and powerful representation of hope and life, they can be a special totem for almost anyone. Fashioned in recycled metal, this piece is made up of shimmering lab-grown diamond accents in the center and along the edges of the wings. This precious charm can be paired with any diamond necklace or hoop earrings.

4. Dragonfly Bolo Bracelet in Sterling Silver and 14K Yellow Gold

If you want something a little different but keeping with the butterfly theme, choose a dragonfly bracelet instead. A beautiful creature belonging to the same family as the butterfly, the dragonfly represents change, adaptability, self-realization, and transformation. The dragonfly moves with characteristic grace, with iridescent light on both its body and wings. The dragonfly on this bracelet is made of round-shaped diamonds on the body and wings. A bolo slider clasp further lends flexibility for the wearer.

There is no doubt that right now, butterflies are one of the hottest trends in diamond jewelry designs. In various cultures, they are symbolic of long life and love. For Native Americans, they are the bridge between people and the Great Spirit. If you tell your wish to a butterfly, it conveys it the Great Spirit to make it come true. Butterfly jewelry symbolizes strength and hope in our lives when we need it the most.

If you are shopping for such diamond jewelry online, make sure to read through the product description carefully to make an informed purchase. Also, check out the discounts. Enjoy free shipping and easy returns. The best part about shopping online is the competitive prices and regular discounts.

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